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What You Should Know About Garage Door Repair

Most garage door repair work should be done by professional garage door companies including Ace Garage Door as they have the appropriate tools and knowledge to do the work. You can perform some garage door repair tasks by yourself if you are mechanically inclined to restore the functionality of the garage door.

When your garage door needs repair and maintenance, there are two main parts that may take care of. It would be the garage door itself or the garage door opener. With sufficient tools, effort, time, and patience, they can be easily fixed. If you have decided that you will have to do garage door repair by yourself then make sure that you follow all the safety measurements.

First of all, determine the nature of the problems.  In order to find out the faulty areas, you will have to conduct two simple tests. Check the garage door opener to see if you can operate the garage door without any hassle then the opener is working correctly. Afterward, test the garage door. To determine if the garage door needs to be fixed, try to operate it manually. If it makes grinding sounds or hard to run on the tracks then moving hardware is the problem. The garage door runs on the metal tracks with the aid of garage door springs. Heavy-duty springs are used to provide the required power to the garage door so that it can open and close smoothly. While testing the garage door, you should always inspect the hardware to ensure that they are properly tightened, cleaned, aligned, and lubricated.

In the next step of the garage door repair project, you need to check the metal tracks of a garage door. Make sure that they are cleaned and tightened. The mounting brackets should be secured to the walls as they become loose over time. Dented or damaged tracks should be replaced with new ones. If you find minor dents on the tracks, you can remove them using a hammer to flatten the dented area.

Once the tracks are aligned and mounting brackets are tightened. It is a time to lubricate all the moving components including rollers, tracks, and hinges. You may use any high-quality lubricant and silicone spray for this purpose. 

To make sure that garage door tracks are aligned properly, you may use a carpenter’s level. Make sure that the balance of tracks is correct and that they are parallel to each other. The vertical track should be exactly straight while the horizontal track should be a downward slant. If you find any discrepancy, just loosen the screws and bolts to make the necessary adjustment and re-tightened the hardware. To ensure the smooth operations of the garage door, you should clean and lubricate the garage door hardware periodically. You should also check the garage door springs to make sure that there is no breakage. These springs can break over time that needs to be replaced to keep the garage door functional in a long run.