How can I use an online radio?

Tuning in to an online radio is quite easy and simple. Just make sure you have a good internet connection, go to Amazon City Radio here: www.amazoncityradio.com and just listen and enjoy. Definitely hassle-free!

Can I use web-radio without internet?

No, you can’t. Since it’s an online radio, you will be definitely need an internet connection. Make sure to use a stable one too.

What’s good about an online radio station?

Well, there’s are a lot of advantages to listening on an online radio station. Since it’s internet-based you can listen to it anytime and anywhere. They have less disruptive advertisements and it’s also easier to interact with the DJs or fellow listeners through the chat function of the station.

Why is it better to use an internet radio than FM radios?

Internet radios such as Amazon City Radio, do not need nor require frequency signals similar to traditional radio stations. Plus, you can tune in to it anytime and anywhere. It is not bound by location. There’s also unlimited supply of music and songs that you can listen to anytime. It gives better entertainment that doesn’t require anything to download.

Where can I find stations I can listen to?

There’s a list of them, however, you can just simply search it in the internet and the list will be shown immediately. But of course, Amazon City Radio is simply one of the best.

How can I request a song or topic from Amazon City Radio?

This is easy. Just look for the chat portion on the website and simply type in your request. Or you may want to send an email to the addresses provided. Amazon City Radio always responds to your requests in record time.

For those using an app, there is a specific tab dedicated to requests. Just tap it and input your request.