Our Story

We are all concerned about what’s happening around the world. Media outlets, especially radio stations are there to provide the knowledge we seek. But what if you can choose the topic you want to listen to along with the other listeners? Or what if we can offer you a station that discusses women’s issues and talks about the concerns of women? It’s been years since we thought about this and that’s why we established Amazon City Radio, the perfect web-radio station for women and teenagers.

Here, we want to give you more chances to speak for yourselves. Share your thoughts, your own concerns and opinions. We intend to create forums for all of you so we can all interact with one another.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide on-demand news from all around the world, chosen specifically by our very own listeners. We want our listeners to be comfortable tuning in to our shows and to talk about our different programs and the topics that we discuss. There’s a lot of things going on and we want to make sure to provide you everything you need to know. We make sure to give you the best information and facts about the specific concerns and news you’ve chosen. We also want to provide forums for everyone where you can all connect and interact with each other.

Though our station is for women, everyone can listen to our shows including guys. We hope we have given you satisfying information about the latest news and we hope we provided a platform for you to connect and communicate more with each other. After all, it’s better to share and discuss our thoughts with more people. Through Amazon City Radio, we all can share the same concerns.

Thank you for tuning in. It’s our privilege to give you our services! Have fun listening to our shows. Before we forget, we are always open to your feedback.