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DIY Garage Door Repair Techniques

The garage door is installed to perform simply two tasks_ to open and close. Eventually, the garage door might stop working. The problems often encounter with the garage door are simple in nature that can be handled yourself. Yes luckily, most garage door problems can be fixed without the help of professionals. If you are not confident enough, hire professional garage door repair near San Antonio, TX to restore the durability and functionality of the garage door.

DIY garage door repair tips:

  • Quick solution:

If your garage door is opening and closing properly, you need to perform some maintenance regimes. Inspect the garage door hardware such as, tracks, rollers, springs, and hinges to find out the sign of rust or damage. If garage door hardware looks dusty, clean them and lubricate them using a good silicone spray. If it does not fix the malfunction, contact a garage door expert.

  • Address the mysterious sounds:

Old and dry-running garage door creates loud squeaking or creaking sounds, altering your neighbors that you have arrived. This issue can be fixed by simply cleaning and lubricating the hardware of the garage door. You should do it at least twice a year. Take some time to clean and lubricate every part of a garage door.

  • Jammed garage door:

Do you experience that the garage door is hard to lift or gets stuck halfway? It is common for wooden garage doors, the moisture during winter can cause the wood to swell and don’t move on the tracks. In the case of metal garage doors, clogged or dirt garage door tracks would not allow the garage door to run smoothly. Clean the tracks to keep the garage door running properly.

  • Check the safety features of the garage door:

Every once in a while, inspect the safety features of the garage door to ensure they are working properly. Recent models of garage doors are constructed with cutting-edge technology, safety alarms, and sensors in order to prevent the garage door from closing on something or someone. If these safety features do not function correctly, the garage door will not operate. Call a professional garage door technician to fix the problems.

  • Check garage door opener:

Nowadays, you can facilitate with remote control, voice recognition, and vision recognition technologies to operate the garage door. Sometimes when the garage door does not open, the issue may lie with the opener. Perform routine inspection to make sure that your garage door opener is functioning correctly. Consult a garage door expert to replace the garage door opener.

Remember, never attempt to replace the garage door opener, tracks, and panels especially the torsion springs on your own. It is always wise to call professional garage door repair companies because the safety of your family is paramount.